BABY was a suggested title for this pic
The valanga di vita is creacted
Millenia after Phidippedes, the runner with the blazing torch seems to have lost his way.
He seems to have wandered into a women's dormitory to "find his way".
Finding one's way is laudable, but should not be done by venting all of one's violent existential angst or hidden shame at sexual trauma on the more vulnerable among us.
The women who are studying or otherwise occupied, mowing the lawn or crewing in the lake, should not have to quit to appease a potential school shooter or terrorist who blames all the problems of the world on "bitchy women who won't listen to me".
(we note that Jahars' older brother Tamarlane, a prominent boxer (uh-oh) was having problems with his wife prior to the Marathon Bombing, and she was seemingly terrified of him-- though she quit school to marry him, it does not seem to have been enough to quell his rage)
Simply because a woman wants to learn something does not equate with her being a bitch.
Perhaps the dangerous idea that matelli mentions when he says "that is the point of a university" is not so much the disconsolate wanderer, but the notion that women are human beings after all, just like men.
And that is the point of a womens' university where one does not have to "eff" if one chooses not to, and if one chooses to, one may do so with whomsoever one pleases..
that is a dangerous idea, not perhaps per se dangerous, but dangerous in that it threatens the existence of a certain posture of power.
In a tale told elsewhere, the leopard, home for holiday break after a few months of freedom, incited the rancorous relative, --who himself had been quietly sent home from a west coast university after frightening people--, to growl: "a few months at that place and you turned into a real bitch".
The song "couldn't get it right" from the disco era could be the theme song for the sleepwalker, particularly since he mentions "New York City took me with the tide, and I nearly died from hospitality"./left me stranded, took away my pride.

Pride is what we all need to leave behind if we want to advance.
We are not using an image of the sleepwalker in the controversy because it's not in the public domain.
Instead we chose a random image of a guy in the night with a stuffed animal.