There has been a great deal of opposition to the attempt to faithfully recount the history of this project.
However, while the intention of the attempt is not to portray anyone in an unkind light, it is necessary to truthfully recount this history in order that the mission of the university may be properly understood.
For, there is a motive behind every human endeavor, every project to which people devote time, energy and other resources.
To assess the legitimacy of the motive one must first understand it.
One might say that a volcano blew up at the full moon in November, 2010.
It was the end of that year, the mondiale of the Vuvuzela if that helps, when people literally blew their own horns, when we all sang along to wavin flag and repeated the advice from "this time for Africa": "when you get down get up o o if you get down, get up ehiii ehii". A well-used saying, but true.
so a cataclysmic volcanic eruption initiated an avalanche of life.THE VALANGAVERSE