We forget that the first marathon was about the full moon, but more importantly, it was far more than a sporting event.
It was about a martyrdom, a sacrifice to bring good news...very similar in that sense to the Christian narrative of martyrdom for the gospel.
Did it take the events of Marathon monday 2013 and the subsequent cover of Rolling Stone to remind us of that other martyrdom?
For everyone who suffered that day was martyred in a way.
What is the good news? we have to figure that out.
We can say one thing for certain about the bombers: like the perpetratirs of any seemingly senseless act if violence, it is only senseless in iur assessment because we have failed to listen. And so the vitality of lufe that volcanic gorce which has been gratuitously gifted to every single one if us, necame violent and vicious, enough to forever mar the memory of marathon monday in massachusetts.
to bring good out if this would thus be the mission of the volcano of valanga--to give a voice to the voiceless and prevent violence from erupting.
TALk HernndezmissionEarlier that same year another criminal trial was in the news and another death also related to failed communication--Aaron swartz , the internet's own boy, who committed suicide after his open internet protests were used to make a point by an over zealous prosecutor.
And in Italy Pope Ratzinger resigned after another iver zealous prosecutor threw paolo gabriele in prison for blowing the whistle in vatican corruption
what was perhaps the inevitable result of decades and centuries of intrigue theft and sexual misconduct.
For the first tome in a long time there were two popes and for the first time ever one was from America.
These painful events may never be properly known, as Jahar is not allowed to tell his side of the story and we have no idea what is going on inside the prison.
church politics is even murkier than middle eastern relations, and as for aaron , dead men tell no tales.
However, the Spirit is always present at death, yearning to bring us news of Paradise if we listen.
ondeed was the resurrection of geocities as neiciyies the cooperative work of aaron kyle and the spirit if life and freedom? It happened four months after aarons death
Writing for the Guardian John naughton calls out the obama era feds who hounded swartz to his death with this question:who breaks a butterfly ipon a wheel?
shortly after founding neocities Kyle protested federal domination of the free exchange of udeas by his own spoof.
The following spring, this happened.
Matelli called the controversy ridiculous,(and we note more space was given to his opinion as "artist" than to any other individual persons in the article) but there are certainly many men who in the safety of darkness kill women out of a sense of shame.
Is that ridiculous as well? Is that victorian? Or just violent pure and simple? worth discussing.