Now, then.
Most people these days don't have much time to listen, to their hearts, to other people, to the Spirit of Creation, or much of anything else
. You people are out of practice, so we will begin slowly.
Please listen to the song I am singing in your heart for a while, and make up a response to me.
This is known as a "spiritual exercise".
I will give you a familiar example, when Jesus ascended to heaven the angel sang "men of Galilee, why are you standing here looking at the sky?" and you could answer, "because the sky is beautiful" and I would sing "well said!"
someone asked, did galileo galile get that name because he was always looking at the sky?
well, that's a good topic for discussion, isn't it?
Just remember, we angels were in the heavens for many millenia before Mr. Galileo started looking for us.
So we are more than qualified to lead you to heaven aka "paradise".
Just listen, hold my hand, and follow me.
If you have trouble singing, listen to the songbirds.Remember, your song(s) will serve as your own unique identity whilst in the valangaverse and on the virtual campus of uriel university, or in the dormitories of damian.
You are unique and you have something to share with the world, so shine on and sing your song!
No one else can sing it for you.
The songbird sometimes sings a strange-sounding song, so listener Ulysses and the mermaids, you may regret listening.