Who is Paul Klee?

Information on Paul Klee is available anywhere on the net. we will say a few words to sketch out a context for Klee and Engelblau in the valangaverse.
He is apt to our project for various reasons, including the persecution of his movement by ideologues who do not relish free expression.
We freely acknowledge that he was wealthy and had access to time and resources that many do not.
Where did this leisure come from and, significantly, how did he use it?
For God does not ignore wealthy people, take the examples of St Francis, Cosmos and Damian, Nicodemus, Frassati, the list goes on and on.
God loves all his children equally and wishes for us dwell in his kingdom with him.
So, Was Klee hoarding power or trying to change the system so that power would be equally shared and God's love could reach all in a material sense?
Paul Klee is a swiss music maker who uses painting also to express himself.
Toward the end of his earthly life he was dying of a wasting disease, and began to paint many angels, so many in fact that there are books full of them.
Angels often appear to escort people to Paradise, including Jesus and his mother, and the martyr Steven just to name a few.
Klee's angels are so simple that children can copy them.
Why not make a book of your own guardian angel and others? Surely your angel will be happy that you wish to be friendly, place yourself in their presence and spend time with them.