Angel Guardian of Paradise and Angel herald of the holy spirit come be with us always.for behold there was a great sign in the heavens, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head
A GRATIS GUIDE TO PARADISE GARDENS ok guide buttons lets see it

piers version of heaven was verso l'alto so piers peak giorgios gorge or frassati fiume will help us breathe and hear the still small voice if god on horeb mountain.Listen to your heart as we all try this oractice of pilgrims on the path to paradise.At the end of this presentation you will be able to select a personal adventure guide ufrom the butbut first hear engelblau out.
This tree is a symbol of the earth which cannot breathe , a victim of godless greed and the will to power which is opposite to the kingdom of heaven.The tree of life which we are barred from due to exile from paradise is a ancient legend.According to genesis an angel guards the gate with a fiery sword. Uriel the angel of the fire of God may or may not be this angel.
Our goal is to get to the kingdom of god which we have to receive with humility in to a.The tree in the background is the tree of tule in oaxaca mexico. the stoutest tree living and is slowly dying because of the mancha urbana. This tree quite pidsiblyoly was alive when Hesus Was crucified.Remember the full moon shines on all of us with the same light . And though here in one place the moon may be obscured by clouds yet we all on earth can see it through technology.
Take the boniface challenge! Boniface was a missionary to Germanyormany so far back he knew charlesnagnes grandfather! he was massacred in an attempt to evangelize with the gospel if gioia. Has this ever happened to you? This is your quiz gor the week because we are trying to ressurect the iriginal oahe of monetinemondiali which was ivertaken by events!George Floyd truly is the voice of the voiceless. This moment is the Spirit of Earth wind and fire speaking to us from the Volcano. Let the joyous and holy spirit of George say to the oppressors WE CANT BREATHE. For amen if u silence our cries the very stones shall give witness.
Flash quiz leaving aside how much V is for Vino u may have imbibed in recent hours, while we are resting from this labor of curriculum tweaking mash up this pavarotti classic to indicate the love of the spirit rushing upon the singer instead if melancoly over a tradimento.
This guide to paradise is intended for all of us. it doesnt really matter if you call it Eden, Oympus, Heaven, Valhalla, Nirvana, Atlantis,
we all want joy, right? This longing for a kingdom of everlasting joy sings deeply in every human heart.
This painting, Icarus, by Matisse, evokes the passionate heart of the Greek hero Icarus, who attempted to escape Crete on angels' wings.
We may laugh patronizingly at such "childish foolery", but we have descended into the opposite peril warned against by his father Daedelus:
complacency, and now, despondency and woe, derangement, depression, chronic sadness, suicide either slow or swift.
This was depicted by a sculpture known as the sleepwalker,an image of postmodern aimlessness and confusion, which replaced August Rodin's thinker before the gates of Hell.
The Sleepwalker was defaced and removed from its position of prominence, according to those with firsthand knowledge,
and the museum planned to house Rodin's sculpture is not yet constructed.
But the message is clear: We will not think ourselves out of depression, it requires more than this:
it requires our COR, our heart, our spirit to respond to a strong and joyous message of hope as the spirit of Icarus did, however recklessly.
We need to awake from sleep and return to the clarity of vision of those times, when Dante sung of those gates and inspired Rodin, and when Michaelangelo painted the Last Judgment and Ghiberti's bronze gates of Paradise were forged in the refining fire.
As Los Lonely Boys sang so sincerely from the interior of a statue laden chapel, we have a longing for heaven.

This middle-earth is not "all there is", we are destined for paradise. We just need someone to show us the way.