in April 1815, the most powerful volcanic eruption recorded in history took place on Mount Tambora.
Two hundred years later, in April 2015, another volcano erupted in human hearts.
Our task as Valentini, should we choose to accept it, is to construct the Valangaverse: mobilizing the vitality of goodness.

The image, taken from the Los Angeles Times, is from an article in 2015. The Tambora eruption preceded the invention of the photograph.
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but it needs time...does this sound familiar? It sounds like the lyrics to songs.. the true story is buried in the layers of sediment that were created when the story blew up.
The very first sentence in the book on volcanology is that volcanic rocks are important in constructing the geological record. That is, volcanos have a memory of the formation of the earth and in that memory is the way the earth "came together" its atoms adhering to each other in a particular way that fostered organic growth. Likewise, the history of any phenomenon in the universe is knowable through its "rocks"; that is, the foundation upon which it rests and how that foundation came to exist.
We will do our best to satisfy Aaron and find the books free of charge, so you can pay only for the paper and ink and nobody's profiteering. The old cor curriculum page still has the volcano and geology texts.
God Bless, and happy studying.
The full moon is rising this weekend and consquently the night is wide awake with wonder, so to speak.If you want to see volcano country reeling from the virus, peep this vid of Ecuador.But if you just can't take any more of it right now, well, maybe the time has come for people to govern themselves with love instead of power...maybe if compassion and humility instead of Bezos style greed (wonder if he'll see that and take it down whilst compassionately donating millions of ill gotten dollars to medicine) didn't power the world economy this type of carnage would never happen..not world war II and not covid. day of Venus..the day of the goddess of love in ancient times. As it turns out, the letter F is a morph of the letter V, just as the lava of the volcano (the violence of Love) forms the base or foundation of the company The violence of love was a concept dear to Oscar Romero, whose hero, Jesus, (aka the "Word" the word of God)died on a Venerdi..but what is so important about letters and sounds --why are musical notes called by letters, example, key of G?/ we know that In the orwellian dystopia which since 1948 has become more and more of a concern, big brother was trying to eliminate words. In other words (no pun intended) communication is very much a part of human freedom, just as Romero saw so clearly.

notes on the history of Europe, Alexander "the great" was obsessed with Persian culture and Abraham the "father of Israel" also was Persian. The two traditions diverged, Greeks hewing to an more seafaring, yet settled, academic way of life, the semites to a desert nomadic way
When the two cultures clashed decisively in the trial of Jesus, the Greco Roman what is truth? cynicism eliminiated the love and hope that offered them eternity. As the "power" thrust the lance deeply into the heart of the victim, only blood and water flowed out.
Was this execution of a man who claimed to be "truth" the correct road forward? Was this the way to heaven? or had the cynics gotten so lost in bureacracy that they had forgotten that there was a road to heaven at all?
phenomenology should yield a philosophically sound, scientific answer to this question.

Speech helped humans to evolve because it allowed them to communicate in a more specific and sophisticated way. Communication as we have seen in the basis of the COM PANE and CYBERNETICA its sophisticated counterpart. we go from sitting around a fire nad tribal councils to huge ships being steered by highly complex systems of communication. And going from hieroglyphs to alphabets was a part of this evolution.
So why is this important to the Valanga di vita? ITs phenomenology...the method. looking at reality and trying to understand it from the grassroots, not imposing any kind of ideology upon it-husserlian phenomenology. Just as Husserl developed his philosophy in response to war and violence, so this educational effort is also a response to energy and violence. Why does violence have to be destructive? If our hearts are violated shouldn't it be with love, as when the lance pierced the heart of christ? If what Jesus said is true, shouldn't it be scientifically provable? We are not interested in ideology, but in reality. having said that, the foundation is made of the flour of "finest wheat"and the wine of "the fruit of the vine" which requires human labor to produce so a foundation is also a legal and financial structure. Not ideological, not a billionaire top down mentaility but a Fenomenological Frassati-style Foundation. "charity is not enough. what is needed is social reform" Pier giorgio Frassati
Jesus ran into trouble healing the blind man on the Sabbath, and even more so by raising lazarus from the dead. For which of htese good deeds am I on trial, he wondered and got slapped, "is that the way to talk to the priest?
But of course the pharisees' original purpose was probably ok, to try to understand the will of God.
can someone be a saint simply by being a martyr even if they are not religious? "no greater love" may be the answer to that question. The catholic church when debating whether someone is a saint listens to testimony of miracles but that is not enough, they aso have to show a high degree of virtue and other things. But if you die for someone else, that's almost like skipping to the head of the class. That's padre pio, that's nina turner saying >..hello somebody, with these hands..That is why we are putting in the cor leone curriculum , not to be all "rule obsessed" but so that we can trust the people , so we dont have to do damaage control the ones who understand are the victims and thats the context of the company Becuase if someone is after power or vendetta they will excuse any kind of injustice, just like a billionaire who excuses everything in the name of "I'm going to save the world?". You dont get ahead by trampling on the weak, that's the opposite of whats right
St Francis was praying on the feast of angels when he received approval from God that his wish to send everyone to paradise would be granted. the pope was worried about a carta bollata, and francis like a true child of Jah said "Jesus himself is the carta bollata and paradise is the witness". And so it shall be for the engelblau trust and why not? even if it only has a few pizza crusts, we place them in the holy hands of the angels. For when the devious Lucifero tried to impersonate God, St Michele rushed to God's defense, shouting "who is like god?" frankly, no one-- and that's still true The people closest to resembling God are the merciful ones, the martyrs. thats still true too.
however we still will make a document as evidence of our hearts.