Are you looking for Paradise? You heard this heavenly melody from the songbirds and you want to know where it came from, and they told you to talk to me. Am I right? Am I beautiful? Am I holy?
Well, don't look any further.
Just listen to me and I will teach you to sing the song God intends for you to sing.
I will be your Gust (Gabriel), your Guard,(Michele), your Guide (Uriel) and your Goomba. The Fifth G can be any of the following, Gemballa, gioielli, Gioia, Goodness, Garden, gaudio, glee. Its all about God.
Are you looking for power? Go, and learn the meaning of the words: Lava, Listen, Love.
It is the Spirit who gives us breath so isn't it the Spirit upon whom we depend to form songs?
But wait you say, why did God block the entrance to the garden with a fiery sword?
If you come with me, we will kindle the fires of the Spirit, and we can open the gates once more.

In order to take this journey therefore you need heart and soul, not a great deal of knowledge.
Knowledge we will acquire as we go, but if your hearts' not in it, it won't work.

Now in order to answer some queries, to clarify the name of our University and why we do not believe it is "irregular": who is Uriel? The name means fire of God, and if Abram hailed from "Ur of the Chaldeans" or the fiery calderon, it may well be that Uriel was the guardian of that territory. We do not know.
However we do know that, Uriel is the patron of Oxford, the alma matter of JRR Tolkien whose angelology and musicology is legendary.
Tolkien was an orthodox Catholic and very devoted to his guardian angel, while attending Mass very frequently if not daily.
Here it is expedient to discuss a little bit about Uriel, Savonarola, Paul Klee, Sicilians, and Blue-eyed Soul in order to dispel any misconceptions.

Just as the Name valanga came about "by accident" so to speak, so the figures of Engelblau and Uriel joined the valanga "by accident".
However, we are wisely inclined to verify the character of anything we are involved with.
After researching the topic,the valanga is now aware of the "irregular" status of Uriel in the Roman Church.
The lawyer Carmine Alvino is striving to have this rectified, and is working closely with a priest based on revelations to a Sicilian friar named Antonio lo Duca; moreover, Uriel is also venerated in the Ethiopian Orthodox church.
If this is true, Uriel is not dangerous to Ethiopian souls--or, logic would dictate, to any soul, since he is a good angel not a jealous rancorous one.
How did the banning of Uriel come about?
we know now that the Ethiopian church was founded by the Holy spirit moving Saint Steven to run down the road and catch up with the Charioteer. (is this not reminiscent of Phidippedes?)
The church was cut off from Europe by wars and politics, but preserved certain ancient aspects of the early church because of this, almost like the turtles of galapagos or Komodo dragons.
We also know that the Blau reiter Movement went to Africa to be inspired by color. More on this later.