They would not listen, they did not know how. Perhaps they'll listen now.--Don McLean, "Vincent".

TWEET! TWEET! Hello there! whats' that? Well, you may be burnt out on twitter wars but this is better...it's a proposal of peace from three small children in Fatima, Portugal.
They were threatened with punishment, pain, and prison for propagating the proposal but they pushed forward anyway and prayed with perseverance.
Curious? We thought you might be.
If we know our history, heaven is --more often than we realize-- involved in earthly wars.
Joan of Arc was also visited by heavenly creatures with respect to military issues, but the miracle there was Joans' valour and "purple heart success"; here in Fatima the miracle was a sign in the sky.
Which, if one considers that we could blow up the planet and probably one day the solar system remotely with these drones and bombs we have, The madonna's peace proposal is "looking pretty good right now".
Of course this is a university and we are examining Fatima using the philosophical method known as Phenomenology.

Let's go!

Take the Fatima Quiz, but remember, discussion is deeper and more authentic education than answering multipe choice questions!
To put it in context, suppose Jesus had uploaded a quiz to Gospel dot com saying: who do you say I am? A. John the Baptist, B Elijah C one ofthe prophets D the Christ of God.

We are only going to do four question because my foot hurts/

1. What is the name of the place where the Virgin of Fatima allegedly appeared to the three shepherd children?

2. What century did this event allegedly occur in?

3. What country did this event allegedly occur in?

4.What were the names of the three children who said they saw the vision?

1.What ideology had gained political power and was firmly opposed to the apparitions of Fatima?

2. What was Lenin's strategy to wreck the Czar?

3. What was the name of the newspaper in Fatima?

4.What were the names of the three children who said they saw the vision?