Later that year, events coalesced into the idea of the "double U companies" symbolizing the yoke of Christ "for my yoke is easy, and my burden light"

The horseshoe and the yoke have a similar shape--both lending themselves to the letter U.
Predictably, in the spirit of the "sleepwalker", it would not be long before crude misogynistic detractors began to mock this idea and tear it down with the slur "double D".
This caused strife within the group and could have led to the end of all hopes of unity; However, we are going to go ahead forward with our project despite this.

The original idea evaporated when the requisite documentation proved too complex and baffling to navigate.
However why worry? JEZU UFAM TOBIE.
We have to recall here that Herod demanded a laborious and expensive census which effectively resulted in the parents of Jesus having to embark on a wearisome trip, which they could scarce afford...and Jesus being born in a barn--perhaps a horseshoe was on the door but doubtful, since horses were for Romans, wandering Jews got donkeys...the probable reason for this census was power and control: who's in my turf and how loaded are they?
when the rich magi showed up after an incredibly expensive trip bearing costly tribute for the "redbone" royal, Herod was incensed.
Might have known that backwater town was shielding a rebel!! We'll roust em out Roman style.
Of course if we want to go full on coincidental conspiracy here...a census was conducted this year--does anyone think Trump asked God's permission on that-- and of course covid struck the land...just like in the days of saul, david and que ca change...what really happens is, power and wealth concentrated in the hands of a few leads to poverty amongst the many, which leads to sickness and death.
It's nothing new.
TWEETY BIRD we need to segue a bit more smoothly here.