V for Valanga Vangelo Vittoria Voce Visitazione Vento e Vulcan

Today is the visitation of the virgin and also the feast of Joan of arc so its good news all around and we all love good news Neocities.

anreflection on v is for vaticano. this is the dY of death of one of the popes of the past century who was canonized along with another: good pope john beloved of Ll but especially the in ocent and rhe humble. he knew the boly spirit needs to vent like a bolcano and it will vent one way or another. be ause of his agricultural background he was at aoone with nature and summoned the ati an council where he addressed the crowds under a full moon. so jfk had a moon speech in -962 but so did angelo roncalli and yes bis name is angelo.

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