This is a picture of a planet being created, taken May 20, 2020. Is it not amazing?
The Fire of the Spirit made visible. The Iron Age has evolved...just like the neandertal man...
Refiner's fire, he will sit refining and purifying the sons of Levi..and everyone else as well.

This is also a picture of Uriel Univeristy being created...Uriel, the fire of God..no wonder Lucifer was jealous and impersonated Uriel, if the stories are true, of course we always must add that proviso.
For Judas' posiition had to be given to another apostle..and Lucifers' fire had to be given to another angel.

the Uriel University Motto "carmen et Splendor" (the old one was ad astra per aspera but this one includes songs which seems cool.)
Anyone who gets up and the first thing they do is sing a song to the sunrise of God, today is an especially joyful shout because Jesus is going home.
STRAIGHT ON TO HEAVEN..and without Jesus they never gonnna let us in!
So if you are recovering from substance abuse (which we cannot speak to personally but have seen plenty of it) and the first thing you want to do when you wake up is lash out, is hurt someobody and rave around and bust walls because you are in withdrawal, if this helps, channel that energy and imagine Jesus singing "I'm coming home, I'm coming home", --"tell the father I'm coming home, I know my kingdom awaits, it's for you too, I'm gonna make a place, I'm going home, Im going home.
Then of course if you play the eminem remix, eminem chimes in with the not afraid riff, which dud used in another context of fighting off attackers, but it surely fits if you are having drug or alcohol issues.

incidentally, some junkies like to vent their rage at the happiness of other people upon those people, and upon everything they love, including their pets..these vengeful individuals also frequently destroy devices such as cell phones and laptops, (just ask anybody who has experienced this, they will corroborate this incredibly common tale)
This is especially true if the victim is using the electronic device to record maltreatment so that people will believe.
Who can say how many cell phone cameras have been smashed in this way?
which explains why it is often difficult if not impossible for those they hate to keep such devices free from harm.
Thus the person who is being used as a scapegoat adapts and learns to live "under the radar" so to speak, running away to ghettos and getting by with devices that no one would want, much less destroy, learning the habits of a skulking gangster to avoid being beaten to a pulp or otherwise the recipient of "handling".
They also learn that they need money to survive, and the safest place to stash that is as far beyond the reach of the deranged as possible.
Matilda was perhaps born under a lucky star: Leon, who had stolen the bosses lover and paid the price for that, was good at stashing the money he needed to live with the inconspicuous Tony.
When he sacrificed his life for her, he effectively willed her the money so she would not be at Stansfields mercy any more.
Lacking Leon, some who wander the streets of Manhattan alone are forced to find their own way to survive.
Sometimes however like King David in the hills of pasture, they while away their time singing to themselves, singing any song they may chance to hear, as in the song "how can I keep from singing?".
The song below is imagining Jesus saying goodbye to Maria before he goes home.

And whilst we are on the subject of jealousy and rage, let's consider the patriarch Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his brothers who then claimed that "a wild beast ate him".
They forget to mention that the wild beast was them.
But Joseph's humility, fidelity, chastity and dreams would eventually put him in charge of the cafeteria. Shoot. Shuckers.
That means the ones who sold him are now begging him for some bagles, never mind the butter we just need to eat something. Shoot. And we say again, shuckers.
Similarly, Saint Joseph had dreams and was chased from Israel but now the truth hath come out.
Shoot and shuckers. Well now doesn't this make us power grabbers look kinda bad.
How could a humble, respectful, chaste man without millions and billions be so important? How is that possible? It just doesnt make any sense, does it.
Power just cant handle humility.