v is what you get if u flip A on its head,,,V also is fir varsity guide but hiw did we arrive here? to vindicate the gabuzzi and their visceral analfabeta glee? we all need vindication from god who calls himself alfa and omega..
so how do we receive it? how to learn generosity not vengeance?
Abbeccedario is your book of ABCS, the first thing you learn in Primary School.
We may think we have progressed far past pinocchio...but that's the first sign of Pride.
So,PATIENCE! proceed to point P for PRIMARY SCHOOL.

A is the natural sound that comes out of your mouth when you take a breath of the spirit and vocalize.
Abba, father, Athena, wisdom, Ander, the Greek word for human, from whence we get "Anthropology"... Abraham the father of the faith of Christianity...Alexander the Greek potentate...who apprehended a lot from Asia..and so many other philosophers, Aristotle, Averroes, Augustine, Aquinas, and the servant of God Antonia Astonac, who lived in portugal BEFORE the angel announced amore to the pre-adolescent agricolae.
Yes, we do like to play with sounds.
In any case, Antonia propagated the chaplet of Saint Michael which we recommend for angelic accompaniment, but in any case, for the purposes of Summercor, the Announcement at Fatima is what we are investigating. There is no requirement to pray, nor even to believe, in order to take this course of the Miracle of the Sun.
However, we highly recommend friendship with Engelblau, in other words, yeah friendship with engelblau is pretty much a prerequisite because we dont' want any more "School shootings" in America, or anywhere else.

B is what you do after you ascolare the announcement or VANGELO,-- you BROADCAST it which is known as the VISITATION.
We broadcast so that others may believe.
You can use boots, birkenstocks, a burro (which is a donkey) a barge, a bicycle, a B1 love bomber or a bugatti if you are baller enough to build one. we said BUILD. Boost is not in our abbecceddario, no matter how long the boulevard of broken dreams may be.
If you get to the end and say "I'm all broadcasted out, I"m beat!" thats' ok, we've got bread and bed coming up.
The important thing is that you breathe the good news onto somebody else and you never know, it could be the baptist! so let's go, verso l'alto (just so happens that St Elizabeth lived in the mountainous country so have some more fun thinking about that!

However the course matter here is much more mundane. It's Thoreau's canoe trip to broadcast the pollution of the rivers.
There is one more B which is BERMAN, harold berman who wrote the following about the next step, C which is COMPANY.
He believed that the Holy spirit forms us into the Community and he was born Jewish so he had a good grasp of the evolution of the Holy Spirit in the Judeo -Christian aspect.
So please read, Harold BermanTHE HOLY SPIRIT IN HISTORYIt's less than three pages in the intro (and the whole article is just over 100 pages but you dont have to read all of it right now), and it builds on King Arthurs RIGHT MAKES MIGHT thesis.

and since its time for our weekly EXAM, explain or elucidate in an expose or essay how this essay of Berman's on the evolution of earth and its inhabitants fits in with Fatima and Thoreau. Dont worry, just try, you'll get E for EXISTENTIAL ESFUERZA (EFFORT)