About Uriel University Neocities.

Uriels is a university offering a variety of courses on a trimester schedule. We love learning and that makes us glad participants in this adventure.
The internet has made it possible to present these classes to anyone and anyone who wishes may participate in our educational project.
0. uriels believes that a phenomenological approach to learning is economicaaly and socially far and away the soundest approach to learning. But what is phenomenology in our context? The greeks of ancient times revered wisdom and learning and this trait was shown to be an alternative t violence. The sraelites be ame quite bookish themselves in the centuries leading up to Christianity. Jesus tried to concretize the word in himself but that ideaisquite fantastic to many people and faitha dreason have had a tumultuous reltationship for so long. so the phenomena spoken of by Greek philosophers were very important to Jews such as Stein and Husserl who valued philosophy highly and lived in Germany and hoped to propose a concrete philosophy to counterr the derangement of fashionablee violence. this approxh is needed so much! ere's how you can make bold and italic text.

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